Candidate Care and Feedback

At Merit Solutions we understand that good candidate care is more than a step towards being an ‘employer of choice’, it’s a competitive edge.  Timely and respectful information about all applicants’ progress through the selection can make a real difference to their acceptance of the outcomes and their willingness to apply for future vacancies.   We understand that busy senior executives sometimes cannot provide this level of contact.

Our services include:

  • Responding promptly and professionally to candidate enquiries
  • Receiving and promptly acknowledging applications
  • Immediate telephone responses to the majority of applicants, asking clarifying questions
  • Following up promising candidates to encourage lodgement of application
  • Timely feedback to applicants not shortlisted
  • Maintaining communication with clients and applicants through the application process to the feedback stage
  • Feedback to unsuccessful applicants
  • Preparing notes to assist the panel chair in providing feedback
  • Participating in a joint feedback session with the panel chair and/or entire panel

Our approach:

We understand the thought and effort serious applicants put into the process of applying for a job and are careful to reflect this in our communications, providing timely information at each stage of the selection process.   We are happy to engage with applicants who require additional information in the early stages of a selection and at the other end are often commended for our frank and constructive feedback to unsuccessful candidates.