Assessment Services

At this critical stage our experience with literally hundreds of executive level assessment processes enables us to provide practical and professional advice as to how to thoroughly assess the pool of competitive applicants shortlisted for interview.  Our consultants are experienced in developing a range of selection techniques appropriate at the executive level.  These include presentations, assessment centres, written exercises and psychological or ability assessment as well as the development of interview questions including scenarios.

Our services include:

  • Arrange interview times and venues
  • Develop questions, presentation guidelines and/or other assessment tools in consultation with the client
  • Administer psychological and/or ability tests and report to the client
  • Attend interviews and facilitate assessment and decision-making
  • Participation as a senior independent representative on a selection panel
  • Record key responses and facilitate panel assessment

Our approach:

Our executive consultants consult with clients to identify the key determinants for success in a role and can provide a range of options for how to assess these.  We recognise that this is a key opportunity to interact with the most competitive applicants and can support panels in how to gather meaningful information during the assessment process as well as how to interpret responses and structure valid comparisons. Our goal is to ensure clients gather sufficient information to make a confident recommendation for appointment while also ensuring that candidates find the process engaging and fair.