Training and Coaching

Job Applicant Training – Queensland Government Agency

Short (five hour) workshops were delivered for small groups in several divisions of a Queensland Government Agency. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive except that participants wanted more time with our consultants. As a result, a one day program was developed and run while earlier participants could access a half-day workshop focussed on interview skills. Several participants commented that they learned more in 5 hours than they had in a two day workshop previously attended.

Selection Panel Training – Queensland Government Agency

Five workshops were delivered in two locations for HR Advisors and line managers engaged in recruitment and selection. The workshops focussed on current good practices including the importance of candidate care, pre-planning the selection process, alternatives to interviews, streamlining processes and focussing on getting the best person for the job.

Public Workshop – Selections for the 21st Century

This workshop focussed on current best practice in public sector recruitment and selection. It provided internal HR advisors and line managers with a “masterclass” in terms of the innovation and options available to selection panels now and in the future. Participants took away a tool for the evaluation, diagnosis and improvement of current practices within a section or agency.

Coaching for Job Applicants

Our most senior consultants have provided one-to-one coaching for applicants for executive and senior management roles in the public sector. With a focus on the preparation of focussed resumes, strong applications and planning for interviews or presentations, we can provide expert advice based on many years of experience at senior levels.

Training for Selection Panels – Commonwealth Government Agency

A one-day program was developed and run for experienced and potential panel members. With a strong focus on practical skills in the development of benchmarks and effective interview techniques, these workshops provided a sound foundation for managers required to achieve effective staffing outcomes within Commonwealth Government frameworks.

Training Programs – Local Government Authority

With major recruitment pending, short workshops were developed to assist existing staff and temporary employees compete effectively for the new positions. Participants were delighted with the practical and relevant advice provided.