Recruitment and Selection Services

Since our formation in 1996, Merit Solutions has developed a client base of more than 25 government departments and local government authorities. We have assisted clients to efficiently complete more than 5000 recruitment and selection exercises over this period.

Some significant examples to demonstrate the range of our previous experience working with government clients include the following:

Shortlisting – Compliance Roles

Our client required assistance to review more than 200 applications received for 5 vacancies. Merit Solutions developed benchmarks, assessed all applications and prepared detailed notes for review by the selection panel.

Shortlisting – Senior Executive Service

Following the advertising of an SES role in the Department’s senior management team, the Director-General engaged Merit Solutions to provide initial assistance in shortlisting the strong field of applicants who had applied. Our consultant offered an independent perspective and reviewed all applications. An initial assessment including a summary of the CV’s and brief evaluative comments was provided to inform the final panel decision about which applicants to interview. This facilitated a timely process with interviews able to be conducted soon after close of applications.

Restructure – Queensland Government Central Agency

A major restructure introduced a generic approach to job design and selection. 70 positions at 6 levels were filled after consideration of 300 applicants. Merit Solutions worked collaboratively with HR staff to co-ordinate the total exercise, provided consultants as independent panel members for each panel and completed referee checks and selection documentation for all positions. Three consultants worked on this project which was co-ordinated by a Director of Merit Solutions. Our consultants were congratulated on their professional service and timely outcomes achieved while senior executives and line managers were able to concentrate on agency deliverables.

Work Sample Tests – Local Government Authority

Merit Solutions consultants have developed work sample tests for use in selections for Town Planners, Development Officers, IT consultants and Compliance Officers. Better selection outcomes have been achieved through the use of relevant selection tools.

HR Restructure & Recruitment – Commonwealth Government Agency

A National restructure of HR roles within a major federal agency was managed from the Brisbane Office; Merit Solution Consultants provided administrative and specialist support to ensure quality documentation and feedback to applicants. Security of information and high standards of quality were critical as well as supporting systems for decision-making processes. As an internal process the credibility of decisions was supported by the involvement of external selection expertise from Merit Consultants.

Assessment of Redeployees – Queensland Government Agencies

Our consultants are familiar with the process and experienced in the application of OPS Directive 4/02 to the assessment of suitability. We have worked with a number of selection panels and documented outcomes in accordance with OPSME requirements.

Innovative Shortlisting Process – Queensland Government Central Agency

The agency wished to obtain a stronger applicant pool and encourage more applications from outside the government sector. Applicants submitted a CV and our consultants conducted a 15 minute phone interview as a screening device. Reviews of the process provided positive comments in relation to the quality of the field of applicants interviewed.

Graduate Recruitment – Queensland Government Agency

Merit Solutions was engaged to support the Agency’s annual graduate recruitment program. Our consultant conducted an initial shortlist, participated as a panel member and documented the final recommendations.

Sensitive Selections – Queensland Government Agencies

Our consultants are frequently engaged as independent panel members for sensitive selections. We are experienced in ensuring adherence to proper merit selection processes, transparent documentation and the management of adverse referee comments in accordance with the relevant PSC Directive.

Identified/Specified Positions – Queensland Government Agencies

Merit Solutions is regularly engaged to provide independent panel members and professional selection support to panels selecting for Identified and Specified positions. We are experienced in communicating with applicants and referees from Indigenous communities and in working collaboratively with Indigenous panel members and panel chairs.

Independent Panel Members – Professional and Technical Roles

This Queensland Government Agency has a strong professional and technical workforce spread throughout Queensland. Merit Solutions consultants provide expert selection advice, coordinate selection processes and ensure gender balance on selection panels while also preparing excellent selection reports.