Organisational Design and Role Descriptions

Review of General Role Descriptions – Queensland Government Agency

Our assignment was to review generic role descriptions across a Division which combined both strategic and operational policy roles. The outcome was new role descriptions in four job families and a blueprint for more specific role descriptions where particular background and skills were required. The new role descriptions provided a more user-friendly description of the roles with brief, easy to use merit criteria. The project also involved the management of job evaluation issues to minimise the need for new evaluations to be performed.

Executive Structure – Queensland Government Agency

Our consultant worked collaboratively to review the structure and operations of a functional area within the agency and develop a future blueprint. Outcomes included recommendations for changes in role and legislation supported by a new structure, training and recruitment strategies.

Management Structure – Queensland Government Agency

A review of the management and support structures for a functional area was conducted with consultation with key stakeholders including focus groups with relevant staff. The review resulted in the recognition of new roles and challenges, negotiation of streamlined reporting relationships, preparation of new position descriptions and some increases in classification.

Sectional Review – Queensland Government Agency

One section in a State Government Agency was responding to changes in policy and direction. Our consultant worked collaboratively with the Manager of the work team to document the implications of the new policy, quantify the changes, consider alternative delivery strategies, develop a resourcing model and recommend a new structure.

Role Statements – Local Government Authority

A major new project required the preparation of position descriptions prior to permanent recruitment. Fourteen role statements were created and refined in consultation with the client.