HR Consulting Services

Recruitment Standard – Queensland Agency

Merit Solutions was engaged to develop a new Recruitment Standard for a major Queensland Government Agency. The new Standard reflects contemporary expectations in terms of advertising, candidate care and transition to employment strategies within the current constraints of Queensland Government delivery models. It provides managers with practical guidance about key issues including the use of personal knowledge, alternatives to interviews and strategies to make referee checks more effective. The agency will build a user-friendly interface to achieve efficiencies in the generation of selection documentation.

Competency Profiles – Queensland Government Agency

Competency profiles were developed covering positions from AO4 to AO6 level across seven discipline areas. Focus groups and regional workshops were conducted to provide opportunities for consultation and build commitment. The competency profiles provided the framework for a comprehensive Development Needs Analysis and informed a training and development plan.

Performance Management Systems – Queensland Government Agency

Our consultant worked with a small agency to develop a performance management system appropriate for a strong professional and team based environment. Focus groups were conducted at all levels to assist in the evaluation of the previous system and development of new model. The outcome was a customised approach to individual and team development and performance. Policy and procedures were documented and training conducted for all staff.