Customised Reporting Services

Funding of Community Services – Queensland Government Agency

Through several rounds of funding applications, our consultant has worked with a project team to systematically document the evaluations of proposals and the reasons for recommendations made. Guidance was provided to assist in the structuring and management of the process which was completed more efficiently than anticipated by the agency.

Performance Reviews – Local Government Authority

The Executive of this large local Government Authority met to complete performance reviews for members of the management team. Our consultant prepared high quality and professional documentation of the outcomes, ensuring that the strictest confidentiality was maintained.

Consultation Conferences – Queensland Government Agency

Consultation Conferences were held with local government authorities and stakeholders in locations in both South East and South West Queensland. A team of Merit consultants provided support, each attending one of the conferences and preparing professional documentation of the outcomes.

Funding Decisions – Human Services Agency

The Executive Management Team was meeting to make final decisions about funding decisions for new community services and projects. Two consultants worked throughout the day to record the issues considered and final decisions. Documentation was completed overnight and presented to the CEO the next day. Our consultants were congratulated on the quality of their work in documenting complex factors and decision making.

Tender Evaluation – Queensland Government Agency

An evaluation team was meeting to assess tenders received. Our consultant provided guidance to ensure that criteria were rigorously applied and that evaluations were clearly based on available evidence. A final report documenting the process and recommendations made was produced and presented within 48 hours of completing the evaluations.

Planning Workshop – Local Government Authority

The Management Committee for a new and innovative community service was meeting to map out a plan for the future. Our consultant recorded the discussion and outputs throughout the day and prepared a document summarising the process, outcomes and decisions made.

Minutes – Management Committee

A Merit Solutions consultant was engaged to attend monthly Management Committee meetings and prepare minutes. Our consultant was congratulated on her ability to synthesise complex issues and prepare concise and coherent minutes.